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OpenTemplate is a free and simple templates management tool for PHP APPs. It is extracted from another free software OpenCart v1.5.3.1. This management tool is used to help developer having a better control in management of code structures of all PHP APPs.


  • Web Server (preferably Apache)
  • PHP (at least 5.2)
  • MySQL
  • Curl
  • Fsock

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MVC Model

OpenTemplate lets developers to develop PHP APPs by using Model-View-Controller Model. Different Professionals can focus on their own category while the code structure will not be affected by the large number of teammates. Model is used to communicating between PHP APPs and Database, Controller usually handle the user input, calculation and logical flow management and View is presentation layout that users can see.

Using MVC Model, APPs files system can be structured. Thus it makes the team work much more easy and users can have a better control in projects management.

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Module & Layout

Module is an individual component in PHP APPs developed by using OpenTemplate. A module can have mutliple instance with custom inputs. Users can develop their own modules. Also, they can download and install the modules developed by other users in the internet.

A layout in OpenTemplate is represented a page or a number of pages. Users can manage layout in backend interface easily. The modules in OpenTemplate can be assigned to different layouts in different position of the pages.

Besides these items, OpenTemplate provides a lot of usable PHP class, users can use these class to build their APPs in flexible way.

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Simple Installation

The installation of OpenTemplate is simple, user only upload all required file and folder to server and start the installation by using the installation link:-

Enter the link and follow the steps one by one, you will build your PHP APPs easily.

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Backend Interface

OpenTemplate provide a simple but secure backend interface for some general settings such as the title, icon, logo, keyword of website, etc... It let users modifying these general items in a fast and easy way when there is a need of changing them.

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Version Release Date Action:
1.0.2 2012-06-14 00:46:33 [Download]
1.0.1 2012-06-13 16:57:55 [Download]
1.0.0 2012-06-13 14:21:22 [Download]

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